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Bank Roll

Bank Roll

Set in present day Burbank, California and the surrounding San Fernando Valley area, . BENNY BIG-TIME (The BBT) learns his brother has been arrested on suspicion of a few recent bank robberies. With every bit of the life savings he’s socked away over the years, The BBT hatches a plan to help out this older brother escape the repercussions of his fate by complicating his own with the assistance of five close friends — ERIK, DEREK, JAMIE, K.C. and KYLE. The gang have only four days to create a ’red herring’ that will throw off the officials and clear The BBT’s brother’s name by actually robbing a small bank. If all goes to plan, this is enough ’reasonable doubt’ in the brother’s case to clear his name. The BBT figures to exactly recreate his brother’s crime and arm himself with only a few folders of photographs which contain the bank tellers’ friends, families, pets, places of residence and … Written by Doug Maguire

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Genre: ComedyCrimeDrama


Actors: , , ,


Awards: 5 wins & 1 nomination

Duration: 01:31 1h 31min


Release Date: 2013-09-18

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TMDB: 2.5

Bank Roll